Competence vs. Motivation 

I gave this speech at one of my Toasmaster meeting ..

Alright – you may have heard many many motivational speakers & talks.

I want to give you the difference between Competence & Motivation !

Motivation may give you nice feeling – competence will give you result.

Let me repeat – Competence will give you results.

There are three components of Competence:




Knowledge is only true – if it is true for you.

Knowledge also got three components:

Observe – Learn – Practice !

One of the best way to acquire knowledge is to observe what is there.

Observe what is there – see what you see not what others tell you because what is true for you is true and when you lose that you have lost everything !

Also, when you are true to yourself – the knowledge is yours!

The second component – Learn!

This is what I say – when you stop learning, you start getting old.

Learning new skills will make you more competent.

Third & very important component of getting knowledge is – PRACTICE.

More practice you, better you get. Without practice you won’t know if you really knew and if it really works!

So, to summaries – one get knowledge by looking – observing and practice!

Second component of Competence: Control!

Yes, control, if you can control something you competent in handling that thing, else, you are not.

If you can control a car, you arrive alive, else, you are a statistics.

Now, sometime people don’t like the idea of Control and the following three components will help you understand what exactly control is:

Start – Change – Stop.

If you can start a car, change its position in the space and if you can stop a car at will, you are in control of the car.

Addition to that, I’d like you to know that there is no such thing as ‘bad control’ – either one controls something or one doesn’t.

So, we have covered Knowledge & Control.

The third & very very important component is – huge word – Responsibility !

Responsibility is not blame – shame or guilt.

It is recognition of being cause!

When a woman becomes a mother she had not real knowledge & control of kids BUT she for sure she has Responsibility of her motherhood and that why you are still alive !

Now – these three components Knowledge, Responsibility & Control Works like a triangle :

More  Knowledge you have, it would enable you to take charge & control of the area you are operating in and it brings you with it the level of Responsibility!

It works other way round too – more responsibility you take for an area, more willing you will be gain Knowledge about it and that enhances your ability to Control the area. Because that’s exactly how a triangle.

So, I’d ask you to pick up any area of your life that you are not fully in control of, then, get some more Knowlede about the area take some Responsibility and you’ll see only then you can Control the situation.

I must say this at the end :

Be Competent! How?

Get Knowledge!

Take Control and

Take Respomsibility!

Thank you very much!

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feels like . .when I help . .

feels like laughing without fear,


feels like smiling ear to ear,


feels like flying like a bug,


feels like giving a bear hug,


feels like I never failed,


fees like l sailed, feels like there is no end,


feels like all my friend,


feels like living a dream, feels like flowing like stream,


feels like climbing an alp . . .


you may now get an idea..


how I feel, when I help :-))



Thank you

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Seven statements – can add more!

1) Competition? what is that?  – I am the best !

2) Don’t go by my look, I am much smarter than I look and I look very smart!

3) To love is greatness! I am in love with me, you?

4) I need to respect my opinion first, before I can give my opinion about you, right!

5) I respect your opinions, about me or otherwise, and I disagree with them 😉

6) Because I totally understand your viewpoint, I can totally disagree with it, and I do.

7) I can change my mind about things, people, friends, time and priorities, do you mind if I control my mind myself?

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wrong and right, black and white

Who is wrong,

what is right,

life is a game,

or is it a fight,


there are people,

of two types,

lets say,

men with hats,

some wear black,

some wear white,


there is ratio,

one to four,

one in black,

four in white,


white hat people,

like to help,

say things right,

respecting property,

assure others,

share good news,

are some of

their traits,


black hat people,

will tell lies,

have joy,

if you fail,

bad news,

they spread,

for sure,

they suppress.


know your freinds,

or otherwise,

like men

in black hat,

or white hat,

do what ever,

never sccumb,



do great things,

some will

encourage you,

some won’t,

and you

will know,

which hat,

they are wearing.


if this poem,

has helped you,

pass it on,

wear your

white hat,

yeah that!

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Love is in the air. . .

Love is in the air,
Yes it is, if you care,
Live the distance,
In miles,
Count your blessings,
In her smiles,
Cherish the togetherness,
Admire the toughness,
The joy of freshness,
Agreement of happiness,
We are so close,
Who knows,
Who is the boss,
We never loose,
In the game,
We are in,
As the stakes are too high,
To not to smile & just sigh,
Every moment,
We spend together,
Is more precious,
Than any money spent,
Anywhere by anyone anytime,
So if you ask,
What I got
Or bought
For my life Janu,
Ya, my wife Janu,
On this day,
That’s celebrated,
To acknowledge life,
To acknowledge love,
You saw the beauty,
In the words above,
That’s my love,
For my love

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you must see it!

you must see it!

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it is nothing new, or is it?

many times, you are at a point where you want to know.. what do I do now?

What I think is right, feel right, seems right or.. what everyone else is doing or telling me to do.. “go with the flow” . .

And, what is truth, anyway?

Sooner you have these questions, better it is, for you!

And who are you, anyway? Does your opinion, decisions, etc etc. matters or it is all ‘fate’ anyway?

I can share my views on above and that is the whole point of having your own blog.. not a ‘news story’ or ‘quote of the day’ or ‘world crisis’, right?

What is true for you – is true!

It is what you have observed for yourself. . . .not by some ‘advises’ or ‘experts’ or ‘authorities’ – you!

And yes, your decisions, do matter, for you as well as for the people around you, now or in future, your decisions determine, who will be around you in the coming days, weeks, years, decades and eternity . .

I am in South Africa and just completed 5 years here.. . and this is my 5th country I’ve lived in the last 11 years and met 1000s of people from all over the world – people like truth, honesty, kindness, helpfulness etc. wherever you go.. and do appreciate the same.. yet, not many ever think or question.. what is truth? Let me repeat, it is what is true for you, yes, you, my friend.

I am asked many times, for my advice and I refuse due to the fact that I’d like you to trust your own judgement, because it is always right, .. right, yeah.. from your own viewpoint.. and it does count, when you have to take responsibility for your actions and fate.. it will be you, facing you!

Time is up! That is all I have to say, today, because that is what is true for me 🙂

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